Real Estate Consulting

Our experts in Real Estate Consulting help investors and owners in increasing the profitability of their real estate assets, using proven methods and processes.

We have the resources, knowledge and capabilities in several markets and asset types, and we partner with managers, lawyers, architects, engineers, sales and technical people, to provide you with 360º advice and global solutions.

Real Estate Consulting Services:

-Search and Selection of Properties;

-Property and legal due diligence;

-Investment Feasibility Studies;

-Budget and Business Plans;

-Monitoring in the design of optimized investment vehicles;

-Preparation of tender documents;

-Periodic report of all relevant project activities;

-Tax management for profitability optimization;

-Projects Marketing Management.

We have a solid real estate team, with extensive experience and know-how in every stage of the buying and selling processes, from evaluation and negotiation, to the implementation of commercial and financial strategies, scheduling and management of property visits, legal advice and management of all paperwork.

We can save you time and money. We will help you in structuring, managing and coordinating your projects, overcoming obstacles, and achieving objectives.