Real Estate Project Management

Project Management

Want to build, rehabilitate or repair your property and don’t know where to start? We can take care of the whole project, from architecture, technical projects, sourcing and construction, to interior design, for residential, office and commercial buildings.

We rely on a network of experienced professionals that can help in each phase of your real estate building, rehabilitation or maintenance project, from architecture and building, to interior design, using the most modern and efficient approaches.

We provide “end to end” management of projects, from working with you in polishing the original idea to the inauguration party, including all dull and time-consuming administrative and legal steps, like permits, licensing and certification.

Brainstorm your project with us! We might surprise you!

Technical Advice / Construction Management

We have a multidisciplinary team with expertise in planning, organization, preparation and review of tenders, including evaluation criteria of key building parameters, such as cost, lead times, building quality or security, resulting in detailed reports regarding all phases of the construction.

We review and score all proposals, to make sure you select the best quality and prices for your building project.

You dream, we make it happen!